About Us


From the depth of the past to the current present, From the charm of the One Thousand and One Night Stories, we extend our magical charm where the Iraqi taste combines the joy of imagination, blended with the scent of the past and the joy of the present.

The cuisine of the Mesopotamia has a long history going back to more than six thousand years. As our dishes reflect Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian cultures defined in food recipes that were prepared then during religious festivals in their temples.

Such dishes are regarded as the earliest writings in culinary art in history.

In our restaurant, we are attempting to offer to our dear guests such traditional taste, in a selective cultural architect environment that is highly distinguished. Although their characteristics do not necessarily express a certain stage in history in the series of architectural development in the Mesopotamia rather successive architectural accumulations and actions for many centuries that trace this unique culture of Mesopotamia.

Our Cuisine

For long, the Iraqi land has earned fame for its fertility and water, which qualified it to be the cradle of the earliest civilizations in the world. In the Islamic era, it was given the name of the Black Land for its green soils, its intermingling palms and for the great number of trees and plantations, that whoever looks at it would think it is a black land.

What further made Iraqis love greenness whether in gardens, fruit trees, wheat and rice planes, or the green fields that are watered from two great rives; Tigris and Euphrates. All this made the Iraqi daily dishes an entire food pyramid that is diverse to go with all the seasons and the typography of Iraq from the north to the south and from the east to the west. This also gave the green dishes a permanent presence as part of the Iraqi cuisine.

Iraq (Mesopotamia) has a deep history in the heart of civilization and has become a great cultural legacy of making the Iraqi characteristics, represented in many diversity within many aspects of social and religious life.

Maskouf Corner

An Iraqi ancient method used for grilling fish that its historical roots owes back to the Sumerian and Babylonian ages, and lots of engravings were found explaining the method for grilling fish in this authentic way.

Among the most famous kinds of fish that are grilled this way are the Shabout, Katan, and Bunni, which are fished fresh daily by fishermen from the sweet water rivers of Tigris and Euphrates. To grill them on an open fire made of wood of the Bitter Orange, Fig, and Apricot trees which give the fish such a distinctive flavor.

Such dishes were directly related to the famous street of Abu Nawas in Baghdad on the banks of the eternal Tigris.

After eating such dishes, Iraqis are used to eating the Dates and drinking tea. The tea is usually enhanced with Cardamom for rich flavor and is left to slowly brew over charcoal.

This is what all Iraqis ask for without an exception and no matter where they come from Iraq, north or south, Iraqis prefer their tea “heavy with extra sugar”.