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Maskouf Corner

An Iraqi ancient method used for
grilling fish that its historical
roots owes back to the Sumerian
and Babylonian ages.

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We take responsibilities very seriously – from the environment

About Us


For long, the Iraqi land has earned fame for its fertility and water which qualified it to be the cradle of the earliest civilizations in the world. In the Islamic era, it was given the name of the Black Land for its green soils, its intermingling palms and for the great number of trees and plantations, that whoever looks at it would think it is a black land.

What further made Iraqis love greenness, whether in gardens, fruit trees, wheat and rice planes, or the green fields that are watered from two great rivers; Tigris and Euphrates. all this made the Iraqi daily dishes an entire food pyramid that is diverse to go with all the seasons and the typography of Iraq from the north to the south and from the east to the west.




Slices of lamb cooked with Red rice, eggplants, potatoes, tomatoes, served with veg sauce.


Fish grilled the Iraqi way.

Stuffed Chicken

Chicken marinated with spices, stuffed with rice and minced meat cooked the Iraqi way.


Half a head of lamb with tongue, brain, legs, sausages and Kubba cooked the Iraqi way.

“Good painting is like good cooking - it can be tasted, but not explained.”


Out of all the place I have visited in the world, I have found Haddon to be the most beautiful and delightful. The delicious scones in Haddon's restaurant are the best I have had anywhere. The grounds are so magical I can almost imagine the days when my ancestors rode across them, armor and swords clanking and horses everywhere, as they rode off to fight wherever needed. Haddon has managed to give a magnificent glimpse into the past while still retaining all its charm. Thank you for such a delight.

"Life tastes better with Iraqi food"

Started off with the Mixed Seafood Sampler (Venetian Style). Foe our main dish we ordered the Vermicelli with Cuttle Fish Ink Sauce over Polenta and Tuscan Roast Lamb Chops. Everything was delicious.

"Create with the heart; cook with love."

The food was excellent and the service was the best we’ve experienced in Venice so far. We’ll definitely come back to try out more of the dishes!

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